Restore Heart Joy 

Restore Heart Joy: 
Life Force Energy Balancing and Cleansing. 

Michael Ray Stockton 
Certified Usui Reiki Master
My Reiki Master
Teacher Rod Lyman


Life Force Energy Balancing and Cleansing. 

A Restore Heart Joy session allows your mind, body, spirit complex to clear unwanted energies.  So you may feel lighter at heart and restored.

I offer Restore Heart Joy Life Force Balancing and Energy Cleansing at local vendor events in Phoenix and surrounding areas.
 *Remote divine water portal healing sessions coming soon...

The key to restoring energetic balance and health is to understand that we must sustain an abundant amount of life force to circulate through our physical structures.  Everything that we are exposed to has an energetic signature and frequency that impacts our energetic balance. 

Embrace Your Journey Expo September 29th 2019 ūüď∑ credit: @eleanor1980 Eleanor Mahoney

Restore Heart Joy With Kindness

Keep Shining!

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